Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Im still alive o.O

Hey friends (if there is anyone left looking at this xD )

Havent posted anything in a while. I have to be fair and say i havent been making anything for my shop recently. After my building buddy Nari left sl, i kinda lost my spark. Then few months later i log on and my shop is gone O_O  Apparently i forgotten to pay rent (as i rented that land with Nari, she was main renter on the box so i didn't receive to notices from the box) and they didn't even IM me to ask whats going on. As we been renting there for like 2 years or so its odd they don't ask personally. On top of that the land already had been rented to someone else! In a timespan of like 10 hours or less. I log off to sleep and wake up shop gone and land rented to someone else :(
So you can guess i kinda wanted to give up and i sorta did. Though i have set my shop up again at  a new location. This is the link if you havent gotten it yet. Shop
Been trying to get back into the building mood. Just now am changing my shop to winter. Cant find the ornaments i used last time. I really liked that so want them again. Hope i find it soon!
Hopefully i can make you guys happy soon with some new cute items.
Uhm yeah i think thats all i wanted to share for now :D

See you soon!
Love Freaky

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