Wednesday, December 29, 2010


To wear with your faun tail and ears, antlers to complete the whole picture!



Like said in last post. Faun ears are for sale!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Faun tails

Due to recent avi changing i got inspired and made faun tails. They are in 3 colors, black, brown and blond.
Soon there will be matching ears and fun winter faun stuff. xD


"Seducing you" renewed

Cause of great succes i decided it was time to update the 'Seducing you' outfit.
New colors are pink, purple, orange and blue.
Hope you like them!


Mousey present

Look what the cat brought in!
Aww shes giving you a present.. a mouse!
Aint that sweet! xD


Who doesnt want presents?!
So i made a present avi. You can wrap yourself up and give yourself to a loved one!
Aint that a great xmas present!

Ding a ling hunt

There is a hunt going on in Boo malls!
Ofcourse my shop is in it. Look for the little bell and find a cool gift. I made it for the hunt, its not for sale. Maybe after the hunt it will be for sale in an other version. Go get it quick befor you miss out on it!
The hunt runs till december 31st 2010.
x Freaky