Sunday, November 17, 2013

RooU UpsideDown Undies


I made something else cute for RooU avi. Undies for on your head!! xD
5 colors, they are availeble at my shop and at the roo sim!




Sunday, October 6, 2013

RooU Costumes

Hey All,
So before i mentioned an meeroo event. And it will start tomorrow! :o
If you know about meeroos, you probably also know the RooU avi. It is really cute. This event is sorta for them. Halloween themed. They asked people to make costumes for the RooU avi and thats what i did!
These are the costumes i made:



They are are available now at the roo sim. >>here<< There is a house near the landing, all the costumes are in there. ^^

Oh and also Monday the 7th..  1pm slt there is a party! Come join us!

Love Freaky

Friday, October 4, 2013

Candy Fair!!!

Hey everyone!
Candy Fair started today! :O
>>Find me here<<

And what are the goodies i made for the fair, you ask?
Welllllll... ok i show you. xD

I got a dollarbie
Which are 2 cute ghost cupcakes.. sorry no pic xD
They are at the shop tho, i set them out so you see them.

I have 5 cute lollipops!



I made something else thats fun fun fun. 

Sucker Smackers!!!

Yes you read it right hehe

I made lollipops you wear on you back and then you "draw" them, its in your hand now. You can swing it around and hit everyone standing near you. XD
There are 3 shapes of lollipops, swirl, round and heart. And they are in loads of colors.

Here is some pics. I dont have pics all the colors and shapes, youll have to take a look at the shop.


Ok thats it for the fair xD
I hope you go visite! Link again :D

Love Freaky

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

whats new

Hey guys.

Im back.. well never left but the new inspired me is back :D
Im sorry if you been waiting on new stuff all this time. Ill make it up to you, i promise!

So whats new...
There will be 2 events soon. One of them is the Candy Fair!!!! Yay. The other is probably more exclusive to people that are known in the Wonderful World of Meeroos xD Unless you all secretly have a RooU avi in you closet this wont be for you. Altho its cuuuuteee and will be for halloween xD
Ok so thats the events. Stay tuned....

Ive finally changed the items in my lucky letter board!! Yaay
Ive added a lucky cupcake in my shop. It has all kinds of awesome gifts in it!!! Go check it out.

I decided to do a mini sale!
In my shop on the red table there are 3 items. Each have there price slashed in half, so 50% off!!! They will stay there about a week. Ill probably will change them with some new items, next week. :o
So thats even more reason to check back at my shop regularly.  :D

Ok think thats it for now.
Stay tuned for more awesome news.

^^ Freaky

Monday, June 10, 2013

Funny puppet fair!

Funny puppet fair is running now, come take a look befor youre to late!

Cute items i made for the fair:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kawaii Fair!!

Hey guys!!
Its that time again! Cute and cute and more cuteness.. kawaii overload!! xD
So the kawaii fair started and ofcourse im on it! yaay
Here is the link to the fair!

The map!!
To not get lost here is a map of the fair. You can find me at number 26.
Nari is also on the fair and her shop is at 23. So close to me yaaayy!

Ok now ofcourse you want to know what i made for the fair!! xD ok here they come..

Also for the kawaii bazaar i got a cute little Yu&Mi for on your head.

Hope you will enjoy the fair!
Have fun.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Gacha and hunt!

We're All Mad Here hunt

An Alice in Wonderland themed hunt. Runs whole of March. More infos on the hunt page xD

Luck of the Irish Gacha fair

Gacha fair at Depraved Nation. Also runs till 17th of March.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Black Market

New release for the Black Market.
A necklace with a watch. Hope you like it!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

FreakyDesign is moving!

I have moved my shop to an other sim.

>>>> new landmark <<<<

Please save it and pass it on xD


New release.. well not really new, i didnt mention it on here yet tho xD
Panda winter hat, made it for Black Market xD