Friday, October 4, 2013

Candy Fair!!!

Hey everyone!
Candy Fair started today! :O
>>Find me here<<

And what are the goodies i made for the fair, you ask?
Welllllll... ok i show you. xD

I got a dollarbie
Which are 2 cute ghost cupcakes.. sorry no pic xD
They are at the shop tho, i set them out so you see them.

I have 5 cute lollipops!



I made something else thats fun fun fun. 

Sucker Smackers!!!

Yes you read it right hehe

I made lollipops you wear on you back and then you "draw" them, its in your hand now. You can swing it around and hit everyone standing near you. XD
There are 3 shapes of lollipops, swirl, round and heart. And they are in loads of colors.

Here is some pics. I dont have pics all the colors and shapes, youll have to take a look at the shop.


Ok thats it for the fair xD
I hope you go visite! Link again :D

Love Freaky

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