Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sammie my kitten!

Hello hello

Sorry i havent been posting anything. I lost my mojo, my interest in building in sl. So thats why i havent posted anything new, cause there is nothing new.

Anyways i wanted to do some shameless self promotion. Earlier this year i got a kitten and she's so cute and fluffy!!
So i made a youtube channel to share her cuteness with the world!

Meet Sammie!

Here is the link to Sammies channel

Sammie is a Sacred Birman lilac point.
Hope you will check out her channel!
See you there!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Gacha Yardsale!

Hello everyone!

If you're a gacha addict, raise you hand. *Raises hand*
So i have many double and unloved gacha items sitting in my inventory collecting dust. Also had loads of free prims on my parcel. Thats why i decided to make a gacha yardsale area. Come take a look. You might not have gotten that one item you really wanted and i had it just sitting in inventory :o

I have items from:
*MishMish*, Katat0nic, Half-Deer, 8f8, BOOM, cStar, Miamai, Ionic, Ispachi, theSkinnery, WoO, Truth, Sway's, Sweet Thing, u.f.o, Wasabi Pills, Tableau Vivant, Tee*fy, D-Lab and more.

Link >> Gacha Yardsale area
Youll arrive at my landing point in front of my shop. There is a red door on your right hand. Go through there and you'll arrive at the yardsale.

Ill be adding more when prims come free, so check back regularly.
Have fun!

Love, Freaky

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New location!

hello all

Great news!
My shop is back up and running! Yeeyyyy!
The new location is here
Hope to see you there!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy new year!

I wish you all the happiness and health for the new year. That you may have amazing adventures and have a great year to remember forever!
Love, Freaky

Saturday, December 6, 2014

No shop =(

You know that feeling when you trying to pick yourself up, be positive and try to make things better,  you get knocked down again?
Well that just happened to me.

If you read my last post i was getting excited again to get my shop going. I had decorated it for winter. Well.. now my shop is gone.
So my shop was at my friends sim and she had some stuff happen which made her decide to make the sim access with group only. And i understand it, not going into all details here. But now with limited access of course none can come to the shop. Which sucked. The timing of this all sucked too. Though i already have been looking for a new place to rent. Cause i don't want this to bring me down again to the point i wonder if its all worth is and that i just want to close my shop. I don't want that, i love my shop, i worked hard on the things i sell, i think its still worth putting my time and effort in. Only issue is finding a place and deciding to keep the shop the way it is which means bigger land with many prime to spare. Or make my shop smaller so i can rent  a smaller parcel. I really like the way my shop is now, but i don't know if i can pay so much rent every week, sales aren't going to well on the moment. But thats also cause i havent put so much time in my shop. Ill have to start promoting it again, join events, make new things.
If anyone knows a good place, let me know xD

I wil keep you updated and as soon as i found a new place i will post the link here and will send it in my group and subscriber.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Im still alive o.O

Hey friends (if there is anyone left looking at this xD )

Havent posted anything in a while. I have to be fair and say i havent been making anything for my shop recently. After my building buddy Nari left sl, i kinda lost my spark. Then few months later i log on and my shop is gone O_O  Apparently i forgotten to pay rent (as i rented that land with Nari, she was main renter on the box so i didn't receive to notices from the box) and they didn't even IM me to ask whats going on. As we been renting there for like 2 years or so its odd they don't ask personally. On top of that the land already had been rented to someone else! In a timespan of like 10 hours or less. I log off to sleep and wake up shop gone and land rented to someone else :(
So you can guess i kinda wanted to give up and i sorta did. Though i have set my shop up again at  a new location. This is the link if you havent gotten it yet. Shop
Been trying to get back into the building mood. Just now am changing my shop to winter. Cant find the ornaments i used last time. I really liked that so want them again. Hope i find it soon!
Hopefully i can make you guys happy soon with some new cute items.
Uhm yeah i think thats all i wanted to share for now :D

See you soon!
Love Freaky

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hey all!

So today is the day.. couple yeas back i joined sl.. :O wont say how long ago that was lol you look for yourself o.O

So to celebrate i made a couple of gifts!! yay

I made 5 really cute and yummy gifts. Two i made for RooU avi, but also can be used on other small sized avis.

Here are pics of them.